heeeellooo instagram haven’t been here in a while 🥰 i say that all the time lol but i really missed you guys life updates 🍒 ☁️ learning how to sew is going good. i’m making frills and frills and frills. frills on frills ☁️ anxiety is high but not the highest it’s been luckily. going in public dressed the way i dress has been making me anxious the most. the last two weeks i had people yell at me from the car, take candid photos of me, sometimes even right in front of me on the train with a frickin’ analog camera, and people bother me continuously. i’ve had so many people approach me with genuine compliments which is incredibly wonderful but people also have been really getting into my personal space lately and it sucks ass ☹️ ☁️ trying to make friends and go out more but it’s still kinda hard cause i dont know the city too well and not too many people neither ☁️ i’ve been working on some exciting store things lately & catching the momentum again after having to close it for the move ☁️ went to a polish korean fusion restaurant today and that was wonderful and confusing. i also really wanna connect with more @depop folks or any folks really so if you’re from the area hit me up! @squiidmaster just wait i’ll come to you this year for sureeeee ☁️ | ~ sending lots of love from your fav anxious princess that def doesn’t post as often as she should 💕 ~ | { #instagram #pastelfashion #pic #pinkfashion #fur #fauxfur #blonde #pastel #aesthetics #pastelesthetics #aesthetic #fur #vintage #glossier #minimalmakeup }


Boop!🌸Boop!🌸 my 2 am photo shoot with a sample made of recycled bed sheet🌸been living in the studio and I love it but my back hurts 😭🌸 . . . . . . . . . #florals #grannyfashion #kitschy #kitschycute #sweet #plastic #recycledfashion #pink #pinkfashion


最能让人感到快乐的事,莫过于经过一番努力后,所有东西正慢慢变成你想要的样子。 #friday#✌🏻#pinkfashion#selfie


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loli forever (8 👧🏻🎀


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